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How it all started ~

publicans ~ tim & paddy


In 2005, Timmy and his friend had just finished the Fink desert motorcycle race and Paddy had just finished 6 years on Submarines in the Australian Navy. Needless to say both were parched.  After a few beers they became friends and parted on their different ways around the world.  Timmy went to Hakuba in Japan and Paddy on a five year expedition around the world. After which he decided to move to the North East of Victoria because of a love for the snow. After getting a job at local ski shop Paddy needed a place to stay and went to the pub to look for options and the first person he met was his old mate Tim from the desert. Paddy found shelter and Tim thought he had seen a ghost and after 5 years of snowboarding and beer research together, the stars aligned and The Wandi Pub started to become an obsession.  Then on 17th November 2015 the keys where handed over and next generation of the Wandi Pub was born.  We hope to bring you an experience that brings a sense of adventure, fun and an all-important beer after a long day in the mountains. Enjoy.


~ W h e r e  a r e  w e ? ~


~ m e n u ~

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~ o u r  n e w  m e n u ~

~ fresh   x   local produce

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~ c o c k t a i l  o f  t h e  w e e k ~

s o u r ~ f l o w e r


b e e r  +  w i n e 


~ w h a t ' s  o n  t a p ~


tap no.1 ~ Willie Smiths Traditional 'organic apple' Cider

tap no.2 ~ Bridge Road Brewery ~ 'Little Bling' ... 3.4% IPA

tap no.3 ~ Bridge Road Brewery ~ Pale Ale

tap no.4 ~ Coopers Stout

tap no.5 ~ Bridge Road Brewery ~ 'Enigma' Pilsner

tap no.6 ~ Coopers Pale Ale

tap no.7 ~ Carlton Draft

tap no.8 ~ Brick Lane Red ~ Lager

tap no.9 ~ Blizzard Brewery ~ Stout

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l i v e ~ m u s i c

E V E R Y  S U N D A Y  2 P M ~ 5 P M

~ W H a t ' s   o n  T h i s  w e e k ? ~

Aimee francis


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~ f i n d  u s  o n  a i r  B & B

~ c o n t a c t  u s ~



(03) 5750 1050



580 Morses Creek Rd, Wandiligong VIC 3744


Monday ~ Friday 12pm–11pm
Saturday ~ Sunday 12pm–11pm
CLOSED ~ Wednesday


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